One-of-a-Kind Dolls



The Mist Princess- is lost in a dreamlike reverie- surrounded by

a forest of ferns and ancient, towering oaks.



Our wood sprite is wearing a lovely pink satin and white net gown

whose trailing handkerchief hem and sleeves fall to the ground to

blend with the rising forest vapors and mists.


Her hair, an intricate coiffure of crocheted yarn, is wreathed

in forest flowers, ribbons and streamers of the same


fabric as her dress. She stands 13 1/2" high by 10" wide.

Beneath her dress, she wears a crocheted, ruffled camisole and black

leggings that form her body. She has a faux pearl brooch at her

throat and she carries a basket full of the forest flowers she loves

so much. ( Note: This doll was featured in the Dec/Jan '95

issue of Doll Reader magazine).








SummerSSummer Wedding is a beautiful portrait of one of the most meaningful

events in any woman's life. Summer has arrived and our bride



wears a gown that is a masterpiece of detail. A waffle pique bodice

and chemise underskirt mirror the embroidered pattern of her

beautiful train and sleeves. Tiny faux seed pearls and lace grace

the neck of her wedding gown. The lace trimmed chemise

with attached pantalettes and tiny painted slippers complete her

outfit below her dress.






Her bridesmaid wears an eyelet petticoat and an overdress with
matching eyelet bodice. The sleeves and skirt are dainty
printed voile and like the bride, faux seed pearls and
lace grace her neckline. Below the dress, an embroidered camisole ,
lace pantalettes and dainty painted shoes form her body.
Each lady has an elaborate, looped, crocheted yarn coiffure and
the bride wears a lovely faux seed pearl tiara on this, her most elegant
day. Her bridesmaid wears a floral band accented with ribbon streamers.
andNDHBBBoth ladies carry baskets of white fabric flowers with bows and
streamers.. Each doll is 9" wide and 12" tall,aaand the set
(stand included), is 14 1/2" wide and 13 1/2" tall.
(Note: These dolls were featured in the Oct/Nov "96 Issue of Contemporary Doll Collector ..)..
widedEacCCCCCh dollHHBoth

CccccCCCountry Wedding is 20" wide by 13 1/4" high (each doll is 9 1/2 inches wide).


Three lovely young ladies are participating in a wonderful wedding in the fresh springtime in the countryside. The bride has a "Belle Epoque"

chenille coiffure with an attached bridal wreath and


carries a beautiful bouquet extravagant with streamers.

Her gown ( and the overskirts of her bridesmaids )

are eyelet of icy white with a bustle and lavish lace trim.

Her dress is complemented by a pink gowned bridesmaid

and a blue one. Each bridesmaid also has a pastel petticoat

trimmed with lace, a flower filled basket to carry in the ceremony,

and a wreath of flowers (attached) in her hair.

The bride also wears a batiste lace ruffled petticoat,

and double ruffled lace pantalettes and an

embroidered camisole makes up her body.

Her attendants have similiar pantalettes and camisoles


and they all have tiny painted slippers.

The bridesmaids have combination chenille and painted hair

and their stand is included.








Women in White


These two young ladies look as though they have just come in for tea from a breezy afternoon's ramble on some sundrenched hilltop- perhaps overlooking the sea.

They are both dressed in heavy ecru muslin -crochet edged at the hems

to match the vintage crocheted yoke and overskirt of our auburn

haired beauty.

They both have matching muslin petticoats


(with a drawstring), black ribbon sash ties and extravagant

crocheted yarn coiffures with ribbon faux seed pearl necklaces

and painted slippers.


Saucy lace edged pantalettes and an embroidered

camisole make up the soft body underneath.


They each measure 14" high by 9 1/2" wide and the set

is 14" wide. The stand is included.



Our two ladies in search of a bargain.
Dressed for an afternoon's adventure in the city,
each lady is "turned out" in a stunnning hat, (each with a veil,
lace trim and a faux pearl hat pin), a "variations-on-a-theme"
twin gown, with white lace, blue and white print bodice and bustle,
and an extravagant full circle skirt below, with sleeves to match.
In addition, each lady carries a red basket for her
purchases and wears a sumptuous lace trimmed petticoat.
Lace trimmed pantalettes, an embroidered camisole
and dainty painted slippers form each doll's body below.

Beneath their stylish hats, our ladies have elegant

crocheted yarn coiffures to make them feel especially

glamorous for their afternoon out.


The stand is included.

They measure 9 1/2" wide each, 14" high and is 13 1/2" wide together.






CCCleaning Day








ThThese These are two little ladies armed with their mop and bucket
ready to take on their housekeeping chores.
Each doll is 9 1/2 inch wide by 13 1/2 " high and the set together is 14 1/2"
wide. They are each wearing a crochet trimmed slip beneath their
marching dresses and wear a lace trimmed dust cap (attached)
over their auburn hair. Each lady has a faux seed pearl at her
neckline and has lace edged pantalettes and an embroidered
camisole modestly making up her body underneath.
Note all the fine hand stitching, the pink baby ribbon ties,
and the dainty painted slippers. There is also a stand which is included.
Valentina is a saucy miss, with her natural finished wood face and wearing her best,
heart trimmed dress for Valentine's Day. The bodice is eyelet and matches the eyelet
lace trimmed slip she wears underneath. She has an extravagant crocheted
black yarn hairdo with two lace ribbons and a handsome braid that hangs down her
back. Lace trimmed pantalettes and an embroidered camisole together
with dainty painted shoes form her body below her clothes.
The stand is included. She is 9 1/2 wide and 15"high.

Licorice Treat
ninTh storeffter This young lady is on her way to the candy store after school
in her brightlyin her brightly striped pinafore, lace ruffled petticoat and matching
(attached) kerchief with a faux pearl hat pin.
Her body below consists of lace trimmed pantalettes and a lace edged shirt.
She wears a black soutache braid tie at her neck and a high lace collar.
Dainty painted shoes peek from below her dress.
Her stand is included. She measures 9 1/2" wide and 13 1/2 " high.
school to the ca
ndy storeDa
Here are two little l
adies armed
Bergere or "Shepherdess
She is 9 1/2 " wide and 13 1/2" high and is certainly the most
chic lady the flocks have ever seen. She wears an attached kerchief over her dark hair
and an elegant pinafore over her lace ruffled skirt. Below her body forms lace edged
pantalettes and a lace edged blouse- ending in tiny pink slippers.
Maybe she isn't a shepherdess at all but just on her way to a costume party!
Her stand is included.
Tostina is an elegant lady clown doll. She is the star of a famous European Circus amd
has many fans. With her tiny hand- painted toe shoes she pirouoettes on the backs of
prancing ponies or in the center ring of the great circus.
She wears black pantalettes with lace trim that form the lower half
of her body and an embroidered camisole below her brightly colored
short gown (no petticoat). She wears a soft pointed (attached)
har decorated like her gown, with pom-poms, over her jet black curls (chenille).
Her stand is included. She is 9 1/2 wide and 14"high.
This is Portia with her natural finished wood face.
She measures 91/2" wide by 13 1/2" high and is
our Renaissance Lady; serene and self-posessed under her black velvet and lace
(attached) headdress. Her gown is taupe satin with a printed brocade
(canvas) bodice accented with black velvet ribbon, a rich attached
matching bustle and a white batiste lace edged slip.
An embroiderd, lace trimmed chemise and dainty painted
slippers make up her body below her dress. Her long auburn
crocheted braid hangs down her back under the lace
headdress. The stand is included.