Digital Wall Hangings

(all hangings and photos Copyright 2002 by Donna Schwellenbach All (Global) Rights Reserved)




60"by 40"by 3"

digital mixed media; embroidery, quilting,

collage, beadwork, photography, applique,

(techniques involved/used) and vintage


This piece shows all the Women in my family tree and their legacy of home sewing as a practical and bonding skill.




Heaven Above and Earth Below

61" by 40"by 3"



three digitally painted white nylon chiffon layers secured with buckram, styrofoam and wood lathe header and rya straw

This is an impressionistic/atmospheric piece

illustrating the transition between earth and sky.


MMinnie's Precious

60" by 40" by 3"



digital mixed meda, vintage crochet,

quilting, beadwork, collage, photography,

embroidery, applique, (techniques involved/used)

This piece contrasts a piece of my

Great-grandmother's own "tatting", with a

metaphor spider's web in the background.

It celebrates my Family heritage with a photo of our Farm in

Norway (since 1500) and incorporates vintage

jewelery from my Grandmother.





Viking Tapestry

66" by 47" by 2"



appliqued digitally printed chiffon squares on artist's canvas

(sized with rabbit skin glue) w/rings (plastic)

and cotton fringe attachments, quilting and collage








This hanging celebrates the Scandinavian

Heritage of my Family - incorporating the


image of a Viking long ship and repeating the

interlocking rings of medieval chain mail

against the bleak landscape of the frozen

Norwegian coast.



Water Quilt

60" by 40" by 3"

digital mixed media- three layer translucent hanging-

photography, quilting, applique, collage, sequin work,

3-layers are parchment acetate sheet and

nylon chiffon w/ silver lame inset



This piece reflects my fascination with falling and frozen water

and is another experiment in the translucency of materials

using the imagery of the bleak yet breathtakingly beautiful

Scandinavian landscape. Tis piece is meant to

be shown lit from behind.


The Needle in the Eye of Tomorrow

60" by 48" by 4"

"Construction" of "found" objects of wood, aluminum

canvas, wire, bamboo, electronic components, covered wire,

gesso and paint.

This is a piece contrasting traditional "organic materials"

and their functions, with modern industrial/electronic